Our Story



Where It Started

Our founder's love of puns is legendary. Some say annoying, but she prefers legendary. In fact, she once got in an Instagram pun war; 53 comments later, she won.

But we digress.

It was a warm December day in St. Maarten, and our founder was sailing toward Prickly Pear on her first catamaran tour. A perpetual shutterbug, she snapped a picture on the way, and her mind drifted toward creating the perfect Instagram caption for when she returned to civilization. She settled on “Dear Santa, I’ve been very nauti this year."
Fast forward a few months, and her love of puns and the ocean, combined with an unsuccessful search for a trucker hat that wasn’t so tall, led her to create her own brand of hats, visors and bags. Stay Nauti was born, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since.





















The Nauti Manifesto

WE BELIEVE in protecting the ocean.

WE BELIEVE in the soothing power of sunshine.

WE BELIEVE mermaids (and mermen) are real.

WE BELIEVE life is too short to take everything so seriously.

WE BELIEVE travel is the best way to spend money (also hats & bags).

WE BELIEVE in bucket lists and crossing things off.

WE BELIEVE in laughing so much it hurts.

WE BELIEVE in loving everyone for exactly who they are.