Summer 2019 Collection


The Summer 2019 Collection is HERE

We are STOKED to bring you the all-new Summer 2019 collection of hats and Swim Shirts (aka rash guards). Infused with fun and centered around three themes: fun in the sun, SUP love and aligning those chakras, this new collection has something for every water lover. Also new for Summer 2019 is a brand new color for the men's rash guards: green! Check out our new collection below, or shop our full catalog now.


New Hats for 2019

Truckers, baseball hats and visors, oh my! Find your new favorite lid below. 



New Women's Sun & Swim Shirts for 2019

Protect that pretty skin, ladies! It's never been more apparent that we need to take big steps to prevent sun damage on our skin. And with these awesome rash guards, you can look stylish while playing outside all day. 



New Men's Sun & Swim Shirts for 2019

You love being in the sun, but you also know that you need to protect yourself. Good news is you can do both by sporting one of these awesome rash guards. With two new designs AND and brand new color for our popular 2018 designs, you have all the options you need.